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Fairport Lacrosse: Honor the Game- Loyalty, Integrity, and Pride


The Fairport Lacrosse Program is committed to developing its student-athletes into mature, productive members of our school and community focusing on both their academic and athletic potential. Through practice, training, and team activities coaches will strive to instill the following in each student-athlete:


Loyalty to the team honor the game

Good sportsmanship and integrity when winning and losing

An appreciation for hard work, motivation and perseverance

No energy vampires allowed

Belief that team comes first. Successful teams have teammates that are unselfish and willing to put their individual goals behind the team’s goals.


Fairport Lacrosse Values...


Loyalty: Coaches and student-athletes will demonstrate loyalty to each other and to the “Fairport Family” including our parents, fans, opponents, and all Fairport student-athletes.

Integrity: Coaches and student-athletes will be honest and always strive to do the “right thing” within our schools, as well as in and outside the Fairport community.

Pride: Coaches and student-athletes will display “Fairport Pride” as they strive to compete at the highest level possible while honoring the game of lacrosse and our program.


By developing a positive environment built upon trust and respect, the Fairport Lacrosse Program will develop and succeed to its fullest potential.



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